Choose the proper material for your application


HW Ventilation offers the best axial fans, made of the top-quality materials.
Different working conditions, and different environments in which our fans can be employed, require combinations of materials to suit various operating temperatures, humidity levels, revolutions per minute. 
HasconWing® axial impellers are available in several different materials and colors:

  • PP, Polypropylene
  • PPG, Polypropylene Glass Reinforced (Polypropylene reinforced with 30% glass)
  • PAG, Polyamide Glass Reinforced (PA6)
  • PAS, Polyamide Glass Reinforced (PA6)
  • ALU, Aluminum
  • RYT, Ryton
  • PVDF, Foraflon

We also provide impellers made of materials which are compliant with the ATEX directive, and that are thought for applications in potentially explosive environments:

  • PAA, Antistatic Polyamide
  • PAX, Antistatic, Self extinguishing PA
  • PAM, Antistatic, Self extinguishing, Magnetically shielded PA
  • PAT, Polyamide Glass Reinforced (PA66) for railway applications

On May 31 2017, HW Ventilation received by TÜV Rheinland the Certificate of Deposit of Documentation in compliance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU for the MAV series of axial ventilators.

Our customers are at the center of our activities and we are always delighted to help them to find the right material for their applications.

MaterialDescriptionColorApplicationsOp. temperature
PP Polypropylene (PP) Yellow  TS

From -10° to +80°C

PPG Glass Reinforced Polypropylene (PP 30% glass) Orange TS, TM, SR, Q, A, C, F

From -20° to +85°C

PAG Glass Reinfoced Polyamide (PA6) White TS, TM, SR, Q, A, C, F From -40° to +120°C
PAS Glass Reinforced Polyamide (PA6) Nero SR  From -40° to +120°C
ALU Aluminum   R, C-ALU, De-ALU From -80° to +250°C
RYT Ryton Brown  TS, TM, Q From -50°C to +200°C
PAA Antistatic Polyamide Black  TS, TM, Q, A  From -40° to +120°C
PAX Antistatic, Self extinguishing PA Black  TS, TM, Q, A  From -40° to +120°C
PAM Antistatic, Self extinguishing, Magnetically shielded PA Black TS, TM, Q, A From -40° to +120°C

PAT Glass Reinforced Polyamide for Railway Applications* Black TS

From -40° to +120°C

* PAT is a special glass reinfoced polyamide, that is certified against the main international standards of fire resistance and smoke opacity - EN 45545, NF F16-101/102, NFPA 130