HasconWing® axial fans

Why choose HasconWing® axial flow fans?

The wide product portfolio of HasconWing® axial flow fans and axial flow ventilators can satisfy all your needs in air movement.

  • Why choose HasconWing® axial flow fans?
  • Why choose HasconWing® axial flow fans?

thanks to following characteristics:

  • Excellent performance at high rotation speeds 

  • Wide range of operating temperature – standard materials from -40°C to +120°C, special materials from -80°C to +400°C

  • Low noise emissions levels – depending on the blade profile, on the blade surface smoothness, on the material soundproofing characteristics

  • Higher material elasticity – together with higher mechanical resistance, it's a guarantee of longer product life even for the most demanding applications

  • Corrosion proof materials - Higher resistance to abrasion. Employed materials are immune to corrosive fumes, salt air, etc...

  • Optimal price/quality ratio

  • Accurately engineered and easy to assemble G 6.3 grade electronic balancing
  • Higher operating safety – HasconWing® impellers are particularly suitable for environments with high risk of fire explosion (as they are spark-proof impellers), for dusty environments (as they prevent accumulation of dust which leads to unbalance and vibrations) and for low temperature environments, up to -80°C (as they prevent frost)

  • Standard components always available on stock

  • Short time to delivery – Semi-finished components are always available. We offer customized Kanban service at our warehouse.

  • High flexibility of response  – Able to satisfy clients with small or large orders

  • Wide range of special materials and colors to meet customized needs
    • Permanent antistatic ATEX materials
    • Magnetically shielded materials
    • Flame-retarded plastics
    • Materials resistant to cryogenic temperatures

  • Continuous research and development efforts – ErP 2015-ready, SolidWorks, FEM analysis with Cosmos Works, AutoCad, prototyping and test performance in our Wind Tunnel

  • Proprietary impellers selection program – innovative selection program, user friendly, ErP-ready

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