Fans for snow cannons



Fans for snow cannons

Snow cannons have to ensure perfect ski slopes, when the weather doesn’t provide any natural snowfall.
Snow cannons have to perform at temperatures which are often very much below zero degrees Celsius. For this reason, it very important that you choose a fan which can perform at high levels when the environmental conditions are extreme.
HasconWing® C-ALU fans, specifically dedicated to snow cannons, are totally made of aluminum to provide the highest durability without compromising performance levels at low temperatures.
The sickle-like shape of our HasconWing® C-ALU fans make them extremely quiet, so that they can be employed in any natural environment.
Last but not least, given the power consumption associated with the usage of snow cannons, it is very important to choose a highly efficient fan like our HasconWing® C-ALU that can help you save energy.


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