Industrial ventilators

HW MAV - Metal Axial Ventilator

HW MAV - Metal Axial Ventilator

Metal axial ventilator for dryers and kilns diameter up to 1600 mm

MAV ventilators are high efficiency duct ventilators, designed to increase airflow performances andlower noise emission.The ventilators have diameters ranging from 300 mm to 1250 mm.The ventilators normal working temperatures range from -40° C to +120° C, and can reach up...


Fans for compressors • Fans for ventilators • Fans for earth moving machines • Generator units • Fans for radiators and engine coolers • Fans for sprayers • Fans for snow cannons • Fans for livestock and poultry • Fans for dryers and kilns • Fans for railway applications • ATEX fans • Fans for hovercrafts • Fans for refrigeration

320-1610 mm See details
HW PAV - Plastic Axial Ventilator

HW PAV - Plastic Axial Ventilator

Light weight plastic axial ventilators diameter up to 630 mm

HW PAV ventilators are manufactured assembling HW axial impellers with a B5 electric motor, a rounded case and a protection mesh.
Depending on the application, the impellers can be made of aluminum or plastics (PPG, PAG). The rounded case is...

315-630 mm T -40° C to +120° C° See details