QUALYFAN selection software

QUALYFAN fan selection software

HW Ventilation offers a range value-added services aimed at supporting our customers’ strategy.
We do not only design and sell products, but highly customized solutions and ad-hoc analyses to better satisfy our customers’ needs.

A user-friendly tool to help you find the best fan for your needs


QUALYFAN  fan selection software has been created by HW Ventilation to support our customers in their choice of the best fan solution for any particular applications.

QUALYFAN fan selection software contains a complete database of HW Ventilation fans whose performance levels have been recorded through testing in our AMCA 210/07 wind tunnel.

QUALYFAN fan selection software can also be utilized as a tool to support the development of  your own products, verify compliance with the European ErP Directive 2015, and receive official ErP documents.

How does QUALYFAN fan selection software work?