AMCA 210-16 designed test chambers

HW Ventilation offers consulting services to design, construct and install test chambers

HW Ventilation offers a range value-added services aimed at supporting our customers’ strategy.
We do not only design and sell products, but highly customized solutions and ad-hoc analyses to better satisfy our customers’ needs.

As part of our commitment to offer superior quality, high performance products, we recently decided to install a new AMCA 210 test chamber at our facilities.
Through the testing room we can run performance testing on axial impellers and ventilators, and help you choose the right product for your needs.

Our AMCA 210-16 wind tunnel

  • Designed according to ANSI/AMCA 210-16 standard - testing methods for fans performance
  • Extremely reliable chamber to test axial impellers, collect performance data and make them available through Qualyfan selection program
  • Possibility to test customers’ fans and release a detailed report
  • Important tool to test and develop new products and design customized solutions for our customers

How our AMCA 210-16 test chamber works 
The open loop tunnel is characterized by a length of 10m and a test chamber with a rectangular section 4.7m x 4.2m x 7m.
The airflow enters the chamber pushed by the fan under test and passes through an inlet which is characterized by an interchangeable duct, having set diameter and radius of curvature. 

Then, the airflow passes through two grids to break the large-scale turbulence vortices thus to reduce the scale. 
After that, in the center of the room the airflow meets a wall where converging nozzles of different diameters (according to different requirements) are installed.

At that point the airflow exits the chamber. At the end of the room an extraction duct with an HasconWing® fan together with a metal hopper extract the air and allow the closing and pressurization of the chamber.

Some pitot tubes, which measure the airflow pressure, and some thermocouples are also installed inside the chamber. 

Inlet Interchangeable ducts Outlet