HW Ventilation offers its customers complimentary components that can be combined with our fans to have ready-to-use products.

In particular, we offer a variety of:

    • B3 and B5 electric motors
    • Metal and plastic cylindrical casing for ventilators
    • Protection guards
    • Clutches for fans employed in agricultural sprayers

Ventilator casings

Ventilator casings

Customized casings for complete axial ventilators

Axial Ventilators • Ventilation of garages • Ventilation of tunnels • Fans for livestock and poultry • Fans for other applications • Fans for snow cannons • Fans for compressors • Fans for car and industrial vehicle conditioners • Fans for timber dryers • Fans for brick dryers • Fans for hovercrafts • Fans for agricultural machines and tractors • Fans for earth moving machines • Fans for radiators • Cooling towers • Heat exchangers • Leather drying processes • Refrigeration units • Generator units • Generator units • Electric welding machines • Lift trucks • Fans for refrigeration and freezing • Fans for ventilators • Agricultural sprayers • High temperatures

Clutches for agricultural sprayers